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CA modul SMIT Irdeto Professional (4 streamy)

Popis produktu: Licencovaný modul Irdeto od výrobce SMIT. Zaručuje velmi dobrou spolupráci s HD přijímači. Možnost dekódování 4 stanic najednou (vhodne pro hlavni stanice atd). Product Description: - The CAM can be used on IRDs, which has DVB-CI interface - Meticulously tested with IRDs models from Europe, the middle East, Australia, Asia - The CAM supports Irdeto Softcell3.0 enhanced secure features(optional) - With an authorized Irdeto smart card, the CAM gives access to DVB encrypted program Chipset & TS bandwidth: - Based on the Embedded 32-bit CPU (ARM7TDMI) - Adopting advanced 0.18-micron technology - Flash Size: 4M Bytes - RAM Size: 384K Bytes - TS process bandwidth: Up to 96Mbps - Limited thermal aging test is over 24 hours Physical & Electrical Characteristics: - Dimensions: Type II PCMCIA card (100mm x 58mm x 4mm) - Connector: 68-pin PCMCIA slot - Operation voltage: 4.5V ~ 5.5V - Operation current: <150mA - Low power consumption: < 600mW Standard: - Plug and Play - Compatible with DVB-CI standard (EN50221) - Compatible with ETR289 - Compatible with ISO7816 T=0/T=14 protocol, Class A and Class B - Compatible with MPEG-2/MPEG-4 - Compatible with the RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC and its subsequent amendments Descrambling & Filtering: - Supporting common descrambling algorithm of Europe - Multi services descrambling (Optional), up to 8 services descrambling - Up to 24 configurable PID filters for filtering packet or section data Software Upgrade: - Support OTA software upgrade - Secure Loader for more secure, stable and efficient software upgrade
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